Matthew MacQuarrie lenses and levers

Matthew MacQuarrie Principal Consultant

As Principal Consultant, I bring a unique combination of corporate and entrepreneurial experience to Lenses and Levers. I’ve worked in numerous industries and in many environments – from companies on the Forbes Global List to family-run businesses, both domestically and internationally.

In my most recent corporate experience, I served as the head of North American sales and marketing for a multi-national corporation. Since then, as an entrepreneur, I’ve founded and grown diverse companies with dozens of employees and 8-figure revenues. This corporate experience and education, coupled with the efficiency or die mentality of a serial entrepreneur, has shaped my thinking and informed my approach.

The waste within the sales and marketing functions of most sales focused organizations is a widespread problem that many shareholders and executives suspect exist, but haven’t found a way to speak about, explore, and address. Lenses and Levers’s success can be attributed to one simple thing: our approach delivers immediate value by addressing the costly problem that no-one wants to address.

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