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Moneyball Marketing: The Cost to Win – Part 1 of 2

I’ve written before about the “Theory of Constraints” as it relates to marketing and customer acquisition. The idea is that all systems (including those that support customer acquisition) are constrained in some way, and only by systematically breaking those constraints can growth potential be realized. It is in this context that I’ll use the Moneyball […]

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Tim Hortons New Loyalty Card – Even Great Companies Can Rely on Bad Assumptions

In school, children are often taught that there’s no such thing as a dumb question; they’re encouraged to speak up any time they need some additional insight or clarity. That’s a lesson that some of us forget as we become older. For example, a lot of businesses—even some truly great ones—base expensive customer campaigns and […]

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Sales Growth and the Theory of Constraints

Achieving sales growth in the fast-paced, ultra-competitive environment where many companies operate requires continuously adjusting and improving the systems that comprise the sales and marketing machine. With competing internal interests, as well as limited time and resources, prioritizing this work can be challenging—and poor prioritization can ultimately lead to waste, missed opportunities, or both. Thankfully, […]

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What Army Navigation Taught Me About Finding New Customers

Listen up, maggots. We’ve received reliable intel that a large new customer group has emerged and assembled somewhere near Checkpoint Action. Our mission is to engage this group and liberate their product needs before they fall under enemy control.  Let’s face it: Reaching a new customer group can be a daunting task because, in many […]

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