Tim Hortons New Loyalty Card – Even Great Companies Can Rely on Bad Assumptions

In school, children are often taught that there’s no such thing as a dumb question; they’re encouraged to speak up any time they need some additional insight or clarity. That’s a lesson that some of us forget as we become older. For example, a lot of businesses—even some truly great ones—base expensive customer campaigns and […]

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What Army Navigation Taught Me About Finding New Customers

Listen up, maggots. We’ve received reliable intel that a large new customer group has emerged and assembled somewhere near Checkpoint Action. Our mission is to engage this group and liberate their product needs before they fall under enemy control.  Let’s face it: Reaching a new customer group can be a daunting task because, in many […]

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Smart Companies Don’t Focus On Growth

Want to know the secret you’ve been missing to grow your business? Well, you can certainly find plenty of people who will claim they can tell you. Every marketing agency and consultancy in the world claims to have the blueprint for exponential business growth. If you don’t believe it, just do a quick Google search […]

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Defining Sales and Marketing Waste: The Biggest Opportunity You Didn’t Know You Had

At Lenses and Levers, we look at things through the prism of Lean-Agile principles and methods, which largely revolve around the notion of identifying and eliminating waste. But “waste” means different things to different people and is dependent largely on context. So to begin, let’s start with a definition. We define sales and marketing waste […]

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Sales & Marketing ROI Isn’t Everything. It’s the Only Thing.

Here’s a simple but hopefully valuable thought experiment. Imagine a trusted friend came to you enthused about a new investment opportunity. “You really need to get in on this,” your friend might say to you. “For every dollar you invest here, you’ll get 90 cents back!” Of course, it doesn’t take much business experience to […]

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Don Draper vs. Agile Marketing

Much has been written about Agile Marketing. It seems everyone is trying to put their finger on the pulse of what it means to be agile, from a marketing perspective. This is no easy task. This is a methodology adopted from the software industry and while many of the principles are well suited to marketing, […]

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