Our people

A Growing Network of
Innovation Collaborators

We assemble innovation teams made up of client-partner members and individually selected collaborators from industry. We look for collaborators with a depth of expertise in a single field and a proven ability to collaborate across disciplines. There are 4 primary roles we look to fill on an innovation team:

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Complementary roles are added to achieve the right balance of perspectives, best suited to the innovation challenge.


Our Team

We are a dynamic and distributed team of business strategists, facilitators, project managers, creative technologists, media specialists, graphic designers, and researchers. We are curious co-creators who thrive on complex challenges.

Matthew MacQuarrie

Founder, Cycle Lead

Matthew has worked across numerous industries, domestically and internationally, including banking, metals and mining, food and beverage, government, e-commerce, and information technology. He is also a successful entrepreneur, having previously founded two companies that grew to generate 8-figure revenues.

Well established organizations often struggle with innovation as it requires them to sift their focus from day-to-day operations. They understand that innovation is important, but they lack the capacity to focus on it. This is the problem that our collaborative innovation cycles have been designed to address.