Sales and marketing waste stunts growth and costs customers and shareholders alike. Our work consists of two parts: we help the leadership of an organization identify and eliminate sales and marketing waste, and we help to ensure that it doesn’t return.

We understand that every organization is unique and is governed by its culture. We also understand that the solutions we provide may require a change in thinking, and that change is never easy. Therefore, with each new client engagement, we work to understand how best to apply our methods within the unique structure and culture of their organization.


Consulting Services

Due to the fact that our early work within an organization is typically exploratory in nature, aimed at establishing baselines and identifying problem areas, we normally begin with a consulting engagement. This provides us with the background needed to help set priorities and develop a more detailed mandate.


Executive Workshops

The tools and methods we employ are best practices used in major companies around the world. The question is not whether these tools and methods work, but rather how to best implement them. And the answer to this question is that we must engage with the business leaders and develop their buy-in. This is the goal of our training programs and workshops


Power Lunch

We developed the Power Lunch to be a short, enjoyable executive workshop. This smart and sophisticated working lunch is designed to introduce basic sales and marketing waste identification and eliminations best practices. The Power Lunch is a great way to explore our approach in a short and relaxed learning experience.